The Igboeze Socio-cultural Union is a body of sons of Igbo origin from Nigeria in West Africa living in Bremen ( Germany) and its neighbouring cities. We came together to be as a body in order to promote the social and cultural identity of the Igbos in Germany. In the light of negative image of the Africans in the eyes of the western world, we intend to give or portray the positive picture of the Igbos and Nigeria in particular and Africans in general, living in Europe. This unique Union came into existence as a need to gather the Igbos to be one and their brotherís keeper, to promote our good cultural heritage in the eyes and mind of the western population. As we progress, we hope to show our entire visitor the real side of the Igbos in Germany. Please take time to go through our Articles and write-up under the button (About us) and we are sure you will be impressed. To view some of the interesting photos taken during our cultural dance outings, Xmas-party and other festivals organised by the union, you have to visit the page (Photo Gallery) under the top button (Photos). We will be updating our homepage from time to time to keep you informed about the development of our Union. We hope to entertain you and your opinions about this homepage are highly needed to help us improve the contents of this website.



!! Here some Igbo Proverbs to Think about. !!

1. Nwaanyi muta ite ofe mmiri mmiri, di ya amuta ipi utara aka were suru ofe.
Lit: If a woman decides to make the soup watery, the husband will learn to dent the foofoo before dipping it into the soup.
Exp: one should learn to change tactics to suit a situation.

2. Akwukwo juru n'ohia, ma a baa a choba okazi.
Lit: There are various leaves in the bush, but people go in to look for okazi leaves.
Exp: Many are called but few are chosen.

3. Onwu egbuchughi ji e jiri chu aja, e mesie o pue ome.
Lit: If the yam used in sacrifice does not die prematurely, it will eventually germinate.
Exp: Things will eventually improve despite the present difficulties.

We will be happy to receive feedbacks about the Union, and all able and humbled sons and daughters of igbo origin here in Bremen and the surranding Cities are invited to come and join us to promote the good culture of the Igbos here in Gremeny and also contribute their ideas on how to unite the dis united sons and daughters of Igboland in diaspora.